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Movie 01- Return My Gohan

Movie 02- The World's Strongest man

Movie 03- Ultimate Decisive Battle for Earth

Movie 04- Super Saiya-jin Goku

Movie 05- Battle of the strongest

Movie 06- Attack! 10,000,000,000 Power Warriors

Movie 07- The Three Super Saiyan

Movie 08- Valiant Fight! Violent Fight! Super Exciting Fight!

Movie 09- The Galaxy's in danger! The Super Awesome Guy!

Movie 10-The Mischievous Partners! Super Warriors never Rest!

Movie 11- The Super-Warrior Clone! I am the Winner!!

Movie 12- The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta!

Movie 13- Dragon Fist Assault

Special Reviews

Bardock Special

Trunks Special