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Super Saiya-jin- The first hype in power for a Saiya-jin this transformation is brought on by the warrior being overrun with emotions for someone's or for there own lives. Goku transformed because his friend Krillin was killed by Freeza and his body was worn out by the battle with Freeza.
Super Saiya-jin (full power)- After training in the room of spirit and time Goku and Gohan achieve this by staying in Super Saiya-jin form there power is not increased until they need to increase there power and they can do it with out transforming and using up a lot of their power.

Ultimate Super Saiya-jin - In this form the Saiya-jin becomes extremely muscular and very slow so most Saiya-jins who transform bypass this level.  

Super Saiya-jin level 2- In this form there hair becomes more rigid and stands a little higher. This form is great for fighting also it is characterized by lighting bolts which appear periodically.

Super Saiya-jin level 3- Only Goku and Gotenks have achieved this level other than there power and speed increasing they lose their eyebrows and there hair grows long and down there back.

Mystic Saiya-jin- Only Gohan has achieved this level, it is close to Super Saiya-jin 3 in power but the user does not change his hair color it stays the same color but their power is increased.